With multiple systems in place for precision placement

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With multiple systems in place for precision placement and a wide working surface area, this machine is both efficient and convenient to use.Both the blade and its carrier are made from solid Solingen steel, a high grade German product. Both the knife and the cutting stick can be changed without removing the machine's covers and the blade changing device keeps the sharp edge concealed. A few noteworthy ones include transparent safety guards on both sides of the table, which block fingers from coming into contact with the blade. They are produced in Germany by MBM's parent company, IDEAL, and represent the same high quality craftsmanship that MBM is known for. Any longer and you'll need to make sure you can catch the excess.Though it has a digital display, you can't program frequently used settings. The manual adjustments aren't difficult but companies processing higher quantities may prefer an automatic device that will save them time, such as the 4810EP. Here is a closer look. A plethora of safety features are especially important when sharp blades are involved and will help ensure injury-free operation. We would definitely recommend this cutter for any large company. This along with the all metal design provide a heavy duty, sturdy machine that is likely to last you well beyond the one year warranty. It easily slices through 3" worth of paper and can make as narrow cuts as boats engine factory 1-1/4".MBM Triumph cutters set the bar for safety and precision. The narrow separations and plastic guiders guarantee your materials aren't damaged and allow for smoother repositioning if needed. boats for sale Automatic and safety features provide safe and simple operation. It won't work well in smaller offices. Before you invest in this device, make sure you have the space needed.5 feet tall.This model can handle sheets as wide as 18-7/8", a full two inches longer than one model down. This is expected from a large piece of equipment but there aren't casters for easy mobility.A digital display allows you to manipulate the device for exact back gauge positioning. A brightly lit LED optical line shows you exactly where the slice will occur, allowing you to adjust as needed. Strengths: Every Triumph cutter comes with the Safety Cutting System. You can use any length of paper that you want. However, on the cutting table there is 13-5/8" in front of the blade and 17-11/16" behind. Weaknesses: This machine weighs over 530 pounds and stands about 4..Even pressure is ensured by a manual spindle clamp that presses evenly throughout the length of the blade. The 4810D Electric Paper Cutter quickly and efficiently accommodates large quantities of paper. This includes a variety of features designed to keep operation injury-free. The blade can be resharpened if needed and comes with adjustable blade guides. Overall, the Triumph 4810D is well-suited to handle the cutting needs of any busy office. Dual side guides on both the front and rear tables offer precise positioning of even the smallest of papers. The blade automatically returns from every position and a disc brake provides instant cessation of the blade

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